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Half the calories of coconut water.

More manganese than a cup of kale.

A natural hydration drink; It is Maple Water in its ‘purest’ form and is enriched naturally with phytonutrients and minerals to keep you hydrated and replenish nutrients that are lost.

Straight from the tree

Every spring, the maple tree sheds its water which travels from the roots to the trunk, where it is then tapped and packaged in bottles. Straight from the tree, DrinkWahta is simple, natural, and is packed with benefits!

Full of goodness

Entirely natural, maple water contains over 46 micronutrients promoting energy release and healthy skin, it also works wonders to replenish electrolytes post-exercise or on a hangover.

No added sugar

Its delicious, natural sweetness with no added sugar makes it versatile for a wide customer base; from children to adults, the health focused to the hungry. The super drink with the subtle taste.

Low in calories

The refreshing and delicate sweetness offers 20 calories proving to be a new favorite among the health focused consumers.

I’ve been ordering this for a while for my mum, she has arthritis in her legs and can cause crippling pain, 3 weeks on maple water and she is down to under half the medication because she hardly has any pain. This stuff is fantastic just 2 cartons a day has made a huge difference so thank you so much x

— Wendy Harding

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Meet the team unlocking the maple tree for you.

Who we are

We are a fun-loving, dedicated team, and work hard to bring maple water and all of its amazing benefits to the public!

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    Steve VictorCo-founder
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      And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it can be used in smoothies, juices, as a cocktail mixer and also in delicious treats such as protein ice cream and protein bars.


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